Hans Henrik Sievertsen


Teaching & tools

Data visualisations

Public dissemination

Senior Lecturer, University of Bristol
Researcher, VIVE
Research Fellow, IZA
My CV is available here.
Contact: h.h.sievertsen[at]bristol.ac.uk

Data visualisations

2020-08-30: R script
keywords: facet_wrap, get_eurostat(), working with dates using lubridate, factors.

2020-08-21: R script
keywords: case_when, font type, factor,scale_colour_gradient2, fixed aspect ratio (coord_equal), geom_tile, rev

2020-06-15: R script
keywords: ggarrange, font type, geom_smooth, annotations, plotting coefficients

2020-04-20: R script
keywords: IGM data, horizontal bar chart, labels, title size

2020-04-17: R script
keywords: gghighlight, coord_cartesian,

2020-03-20: R script
keywords: get_eurostat(), gganimate

2020-03-03: R script
keywords: ggforce, DST API

2020-03-01: R script
keywords: geom_tile(), DST API

2020-02-08: R script
keywords: download_wid(), gganimate