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Lecturer, University of Bristol
Researcher, VIVE
Research Fellow, IZA
My CV is available here.
Contact: h.h.sievertsen@bristol.ac.uk


2021-12-13: A big thanks to the economics department at the Copenhagen Business School for brilliant comments on my talk and great meetings.
2021-12-06: It was great fun meeting local year 12 and 13 students for my economics taster lecture.
2021-10-21: I very mich enjoyed my virtual visit and talk at IBA Karachi today.
2021-08-11: I wrote a post for the Economics Observatory about school closures around the world. [Read here]
2021-07-22: I spoke to the BBC about school closures during the pandemic. [Listen here]
2021-06-28: I acted as a discussant on Andreas Fidjeland's dissertation for the "90 percent seminar" at University of Stavanger Business School today. A great dissertation on important topics. Great work!
2021-06-24: I enjoyed presenting at the IAAE annual conference of the International Association for Applied Econometrics today. My session was small, but very interactive.
2021-06-21: I attended the virtual International Workshop on Applied Economics of Education workshop today. I really missed the informal chats, the Spritz, the swim in the ocean, and the nice food, but the talks I attended and feedback I received were still very inspiring. See you in Italy next year.
2021-06-02: Thanks to the economics department at Royal Holloway for letting me present my work on CHX cord care in Nepal (with Christine Valente & Mahesh Puri). I really enjoyed the seminar discussions and the individual meetings.
2021-05-11: A big thanks to Fanny Landaud and Patrick Bennett for organising the Workshop on the Economics of Education. I presented my new work on school choice (with Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen, Lykke Sterll Christensen, and Mikkel Høst Gandil). The comments I received were very useful and the other papers presented very were super inspiring.
2021-04-23: Today I gave a talk at the Jacobs Center in Zürich. It was a great experience with great comments.
2021-04-21: I wrote a short blog post on the economics of the European Super League. [Read more]
2021-03-19: My paper with Anne Toft Hansen and Ulrik Hvidman on Grades and Employer Learning is now available as a IZA discussion paper. [Read more]
2021-03-11: The Financial Times covered our proposal to compensate for childrens learning loss during COVID-19.[Read more]
2021-03-09: This morning I gave a tester lecture for prospective students from Malaysia. It was great fun. [Read more]
2021-03-05: My co-author, Miriam Wüst, was interviewed by Weekendavisen (Danish) about two of our papers. [Read more]
2021-02-04: I am happy to share that the paper "Quasi-market competition in public service provision: user sorting and cream skimming" with Thorbjørn Sejr Guul and Ulrik Hvidman is accepted for publication at the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory. [Read more]
2020-12-19: The paper "Gender Disparities in Top Earnings: Measurement and Facts for Denmark 1980-2013" with Niels-Jakob Harbo Hansen, Erik Öberg, and Karl Harmenberg is accepted for publication at the Journal of Economic Inequality. [Read more]
2020-11-24: The first edition of our CEPS magazine "Evidence" is out. I contributed with a piece about education [Read more]
2020-11-12: Simon Burgess and I wrote about England’s response to the pandemic learning loss for the Conversation. [Read more]
2020-11-11: I enjoyed giving a talk for the Economics Department at the University of Bath today. [Read more]
2020-11-04: I gave a the talk for the Danish Ministry of Children and Education about segregation in daycare.
2020-10-28: I am excited about receiving a grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark. [Read more]
2020-09-24:I had the pleasure of being on Eva Rye Johansen's (Aarhus University) dissertation committee today. A very impressive dissertation and defense. Congratulations.
2020-09-18: My paper on how the nationwide introduction of chlorhexidine cord care reduced neonatal mortality in Nepal is available as IZA discussion paper (with Christine Valente & Mahesh Puri). [Read more]
2020-09-01: I am happy to share that the paper "Maternity Ward Crowding, Procedure Use, and Child Health" with Jonas Maibom, Marianne Simonsen and Miriam Wüst is accepted for publication at the Journal of Health Economics. [Read more]
2020-08-28: I'm excited to share my new report on segregation in daycare in Denmark (in Danish). [Read more]
2020-08-26: I enjoyed giving a economics taster lecture for Indian A-level students with my colleague Babak Somekh today.
2020-07-23: My study on school starting age and mental health with Thomas Dee is covered by the New York Times. [Read more]
2020-06-02: I've written a piece about school reopening with Simon Burgess & Marta De Philippis for the Economic Observatory. [Read more]
2020-05-14: Our blog post about economists view on COVID-19 (with Sarah Smith) is available on Discover Economics. [Read more]
2020-04-01: How will COVID-19 affect edcuation (and children)? Simon Burgess and I share our thoughts in "Schools, skills, and learning: The impact of COVID-19 on education" for VOXEU. [Read more]
2020-03-31: How will COVID school interruptions affect the children? Simon Burgess and I share our thoughts in "The long-term consequences of missing a term of school" for IZA World of Labour. [Read more]